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Paul Gauguin Cruises PEARLS Partner, Betty O'Brien.

Name: Betty O’Brien     

Certified: PEARLS Agent

City/State/Prov: Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Travelers: 2

Budget: $30,000

Nights Requested: 14

Final Booking Cost: $37,000.00

Sales Approach: My approach to selling is very quiet and honest. I suggest an... Read more

February 13, 2020
Paul Gauguin Cruises featured PEARLS Parter, Terry Uemura.

Name:  Terry Uemura

Certified:  PEARLS Agent

City/State/Prov: Seattle, Washington

Travelers: 23 and growing 

Initial Lead: Facebook members asking to set up a group with Paul Gauguin Cruises 

Budget:  $4,500 to $9,200 per person

Nights Requested: 11... Read more

January 20, 2020
Paul Gauguin Cruises Certified PEARLS Advisors Billie and Erik Farrar

Name: Billie & Erik Farrar

Certified: Pearls Agent

City/State/Prov: Oregon, WI

Travelers: Couple celebrating anniversary and retirement

Initial Lead: Client's sister 

Budget: N/A

Nights Requested: 11 night cruise, added 2 pre & 3 post

... Read more

November 26, 2019

Name:  Melanie Doorley

Certified:  CTA, Signature Luxury Cruise Specialist

City/State/Prov: California

Travelers:  2

Initial Lead:  New client looking for a scuba trip

Budget:  Unstated

Nights Requested: 14

Final Booking Cost:  $23,858.00 ($14,920... Read more

November 26, 2019
Kathy Takushi Certified PEARLs Travel Advisor

Name: Kathy Takushi

City/State/Prov: Maui, HI, USA

Travelers: 30 

Budget: N/A

Nights Requested: 7 days

Final Booking Cost: $64,995.00

Sales Approach: I just mentioned to friends and clients that I was going on vacation on the Paul Gauguin and would you... Read more

October 18, 2019