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PEARLS Spotlight: Carl Henderson

November 2, 2020
  • PEARLS Spotlight: Carl Henderson

    PEARLS Spotlight: Carl Henderson

Name Agent: Carl Henderson     

Certified:  PEARLS Partner, Tiaré Tahiti Specialist

City/State/Prov:  Toronto Ontario

Travelers: Group Booking – Family and Friends

Initial Lead:  Speculative Group

Budget:  UNKNOWN

Nights Requested: 7 – 10 nights

Final Booking Cost: $130,976 CAD + $29,111 pre/post in Aust/NZ = $160,087 CAD

Sales Approach: 

I worked with my Paul Gauguin Cruises Director of Sales, Vicky Lubyk, to block group space well in advance. I also put this out to clients in newsletters and promoted it on my social media pages. Since I specialize in selling Tahiti, my target was new clients looking to have a guided cruise experience with a destination expert.

In the end, I had a group of 14—all who happened to be family and friends. The majority of them I NEVER thought would invest in a luxury vacation. However, they all knew how much I loved the destination and figured it was a once in a lifetime chance.

Everyone in our party ended up adding at least 2 nights in French Polynesia to the beginning of the cruise. And most everyone added 3 nights post-cruise to the end of our sailing. (We even had one person add on a trip to Australia and another couple went to New Zealand). I have been to French Polynesia twelve times, but this was my favorite. Sharing this destination with family and friends was magical!

The small size and all-inclusive nature of the m/s Paul Gauguin make it the ideal cruise for a group. I tell people, and truly believe—if you are going to cruise the islands of Tahiti... Paul Gauguin Cruises is the only way to go for a true Polynesian experience.