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PEARLS Spotlight: Kimo Dejon

September 14, 2020
  • PEARLS Spotlight: Kimo Dejon

    PEARLS Spotlight: Kimo Dejon

Agent Name: Kimo Dejon

Certified: Paul Gauguin Cruises PEARLS Partner and Tiaré Tahiti Specialist

City/State: Phoenix, AZ

Travelers: Baby Boomers Who Love to Travel

Initial Lead: Group travel for Boomers Looking to do Bucket List Travel to Tahiti/French Polynesia

Budget: $180,000

Nights Requested: 10

Final Booking Cost: $198,000


Sales Approach:

I specialize in providing baby boomers with distinct and unique bucket list cruises and journeys around the world, however, I primarily focus on Tahiti and French Polynesia. Utilizing my two Facebook pages, “Aloha Adventure & Leisure Travel” and “Baby Boomers Who Love to Travel,” I pursue the baby boomer generation and primarily focus on turning their life-long wanderlust dreams into precious lifetime memories. I also partner with hand selected travel industry suppliers in Tahiti and top airlines to take them there and back.

As a Paul Gauguin Cruises PEARLS Partner and Tiaré Tahiti Specialist whose ancestral home is Tahiti, I have the unique ability to ensure that my clients receive the best local knowledge and information for each island they will be traveling to. Even when it comes to shore excursions on each island.

My clients understand that an all-inclusive Paul Gauguin Cruises voyage will allow their dollar to go further since everything is included. Not being nickel-and-dimed once you are on board allows for a much more relaxing experience!

The Gauguin really is their own traveling, over-water bungalow—taking them to see multiple islands of Tahiti in a relaxing manner. They know that a balcony cabin is a must, and they enjoy the fact that they get to visit so many locales yet only unpack their bags once.

My job is made easier by the first-class reputation of The Gauguin and her fabulous onboard staff. Shawna (Group Coordinator) and Nancy (Director of Sales) support my ongoing efforts and will do whatever they can to assist me.

I lead groups 2-3 times per year in Tahiti and French Polynesia. With the help of the Paul Gauguin Cruises family, I will continue to share my beloved homeland with valued clients.